We're Charged Up!

We couldn't wait for the future… so, we decided to help shape it.

We wanted freedom from volatile gas prices and the peace of mind knowing that we could take our EVs anywhere… especially to work. So we focused our attention on transforming our hometown of New York City. But, we're not stopping there. Our mission is to establish a nationwide, publicly accessible network of electric vehicle charging stations that will directly support US and global initiatives towards a cleaner planet.

Beam Charging was founded in 2010 by a team of professionals with expertise in EV technology, carbon emissions, the automotive industry, electronics and systems integration. This diversity in expertise has shaped Beam Charging into a responsible, forward-thinking innovator in the EV Charging field.

Today, Beam Charging has more parking garages under contract in the New York Metro Area than any other provider and is rapidly expanding operations throughout the North Eastern United States. Convenience is good, but we also want to be responsible. That's why Beam Charging has committed a portion of our profits to purchasing Carbon Offsets to fund green power generation and to ensure that our vehicles will be fueled in a responsible way.

In 2013, Beam Charging was acquired by CarCharging, the largest electric vehicle charging service provider.

We are excited for the future of Electric Vehicles and are planning for a rapid expansion of the Beam Charging network.

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